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Notable consequences of environmental challenges include loss of lives, loss of properties, loss of genetic resources, environmental degradation, loss of habitats, climate change and global warming, biodiversity loss, as well as epidemiological threat. 

Others are a disturbance of human activities, reduction in ecosystem adaptability, impoverishment of communities that rely on environmental resources as their means of livelihood, as well as a threat to Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


Environmental Cleanups and Conservation Awareness Initiative – ECCAI’s concentration and objectives include:

  1. To create an awareness for people to get involved in volunteer work to aid their environment.
  2. Build an area where each household can dump their waste which will be collated on a monthly basis.
  3. Turning garbage refuse dumping sites into a public park where trees will be planted and creating leisure spots and chairs where people can sit down and relax.
  4. Raising afforestation awareness in the local communities encouraging people to plant a tree.
  5. To partner with each community by introducing local community projects that will make their Environment a safer place.
  6. Cleaning of the major waterways across Nigeria
  7. To promote the eradication of waste and plastic pollution for the good of the Environment
  8. To promote Environmental remediation in the society
  9. To serve as an advocacy entity in promoting the enactment of laws and regulations that ensures Environment protection and conservation.
  10. To get everyone involved and make the Environment the mission of all the protect and beautify and make it a safe place.
  11. To foster trash and litter collection, Beautification projects, Flower planting incentives, Beach clean-ups, and, River clean-ups amongst others.

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